Bernardus.Biz is the website of Bernardus Geurts operating as independent Internet marketing advisor and web designer under Belgian law, with tax registration number (Ondern. Nr) 0544.849.790 and address Smisstr. 41-B101, B3080 Tervuren, Belgium.

privacy and confidentiality

Your privacy is very important. The personal information you have decided to share by email or in personal conversations, will remain confidential. Your details will not be used for further sales or marketing purposes, nor be shared with or forwarded to any third party.

safety in domain name ownership

My clients are and remain owner of any domain name. I also advise you as client to be in charge of the hosting, for this enables you to have full control of your website and can thus change website designer at any given moment.

safety in accuracy, legality and copy rights

For reasons of quality I forever stress the importance of fully original content. I cannot verify the origins and orginality of photography, graphic or textual content given to me by clients. Consequently I do not assume any liability for issues, complaints or remarks forthcoming from material provided to me by the client.
The client is responsible for the accuracy and legality of all information sent to me and which is used in a website or Social Network. It has to be accurate and according to the laws or regulations in his or her own country or region. As laws are different from country to country, I cannot be held responsible for any lack of - or incorrect information in - DISCLAIMERS / IMPRESSUMS in websites requested by clients.

search engine optimization

The expression is 'search engine optimization' and not 'search engine perfection' nor 'guarantees of rankings'. There are dozens of levels in SEO, in fact the sky is the limit, and I will only deliver what has been agreed upon: improvement, optimization or maximization of the 'search engine friendliness' of a web page or site. I cannot can provide guarantees or precise estimations on any ranking in the search engines. No SEO Advisor in the world is able to do so, for the simple reason that far too much is out of his or her control. If you wish guarantees of rankings, the strategy to start is CPC or Paid Advertising. During the initial meeting the client and I will discuss how high the level of optimization needs to be.