Quality =

The Alpha and Omega of successful internet marketing

'Quality' is not an Internet marketing strategy. And at the same time, it is the only one. After over 10 years of working in Internet marketing, I have but one advise: go for quality or don't do anything at all. There is no market for non-quality.

Quality Commitment

  1. I personally tested the Search Engines with test websites. For 2 years on end.
    Sure, me too made the mistake of browsing for 'free SEO tips'. It took months to read a few hundred of them, of the 38 million you can find online. Only to discover an age old agadio: if it's free, what is the value? If it really works, it is worth golden and why would anyone want to share it? And if it is shared, it is done so with tens of millions of webmasters, and thus becoming obsolete. You can still find some of my test websites online.
  2. Fully tailor made solutions
    No templates, no stock photos, no 'packages'. The quality of your results is too important.
  3. I work with the best
    Not 'the best within a range of 30 kms around the office'. The best. Whether they are in Belgium, Spain, Dubai or Pakistan. If I request assistance of a photographer, graphic designer or a back-up designer, it is always a professional I have come to trust and respect over the course of years.